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A clean out should be done at a minimum of once per year. It should be done twice per year if you have a lot of fish, a lot of leaves, or it gets a lot of debris build-up.


Fish waste and debris collect in the pond all year long and it needs a really great cleaning to keep it sparkling, clear, and healthy.


The annual pond clean is the time to give your pond a facelift. Cleaning allows us to check on your pond equipment, check on the health of your koi, and cut back and thin out any plants in or around your pond.

Scheduling Your Pond Clean Out

  • If you would like to have your water feature cleaned in the spring, we strongly suggest you schedule in January or February. We tend to book up by the end of February.
  • If you have koi, especially larger, older fish, please call early so that we can get your pond cleaned while it is still cool outside. We do not clean ponds with koi between mid-June and September. The hotter it gets, the more stressful it is on your fish. It is very likely that they will suffer with a summer cleaning and we do not want to risk them harm. Alternately, we can schedule a winter clean out for those of you with large fish. It's safer and less stressful for them in cold weather.
  • Spring Pond cleans begin in mid-February and last through mid-June. If you have a pondless water feature that does not have fish we can clean your pond in the summer or any time during the year.
  • Fall clean outs begin in September and continue through mid-December. We get just as busy in the fall as we do in the spring, so please call early to get on the schedule.


Debris builds up in your water feature over the course of a year and a cleaning keeps your pond healthy. It also allows us to inspect your equipment, replace any lights, reposition any misplaced stones, add gravel as needed, and fix leaks.

The Pond Cleaning Process


We drain the water, pressure wash everything, rinse gravel & in between boulders, and clean the waterfall. Fish are transferred to the fish tub with an aerator & watched closely during the entire process.


We check the liner for leaks, tears, and holes. We make any minor repairs that are within the scope of the clean out. We inspect all equipment including lights, pumps, filters, and skimmers.


We remove sludge, waste, and debris that has accumulated in the water feature, filters and equipment. Plants in and around the pond are thinned out and hauled away.


We refill the pond with clean water and add beneficial pond treatments. We will add additional products you have purchased if you wish us to do so. If you have fish we add dechlorinator and introduce the koi back into the pond.

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