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The old way of taking care of your stock pond or lake was to wait for a problem and then react to it by trying to treat it with chemicals.


This method offers a quick fix, but doesn't help the underlying problem. This is starting to cause an ongoing problem for pond owners - it is becoming increasingly difficult to control weeds and algae.


Read on for the solution, a new and effective way to prevent build up in your pond. Or, if you're ready, contact us now for a consultation.


What's the problem with just waiting until there is a problem and then fixing it? One word.




Over a period of years, every time you add chemicals to your natural pond, weeds and algae are killed off. Great, right? In the short term, yes. In the long term, not so much.


The killed off weeds and algae rot on the bottom of your pond. This is as if you have added fertilizer. When the weeds and algae die, they biodegrade. This matter converts into mulch. While mulch is excellent for your flower beds, it's not so great for the bottom of your pond. It's just muck there. The nutrients found in the sludge contributes to future weed and algae problems and the cycle continues until your pond is nothing but muck.

The solution is a new method to simplify care and maintenance of your large pond. It's a 3-step solution: Sub-surface Aeration, Bacteria Augmentation, and Pond Shading.


  1. It all begins with sub-surface aeration - the process of aerating your pond from the bottom up using an Airmax® Aeration System. Sub-surface aeration circulates large amounts of water, increasing the dissolved oxygen levels, which then allows for increased levels of beneficial bacteria to accumulate in your pond.

  2. Beneficial bacteria is an absolute must for any pond. This healthy bacteria does colonize naturally in a large pond, but as the pond ages, bacteria growth will need some help. Subsidizing with PondClear™ and MuckAway™, both natural bacteria products, will radically increase your bacteria count. Each has billions of specialized microbes to eliminate and prevent the dreaded muck.

    PondClear's billions of microbes will compete for the nutrients in your water column. MuckAway pellets send billions of microbes to the bottom of your pond to quickly eliminate up to 5" of muck each season and prevent future build-up.


  3. The last step is pond shading. Excessive sunlight causes algae growth and water clarity issues. Using pond dye not only shades your pond from too much sunlight, it beautifies and improves the water quality of your pond.


It's better to be Proactive than Reactive when it comes to your large pond. We'd love to discuss your options and how we can help. 

Contact us at (940) 799-3700, email, or book a consultation to get started.

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