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If you are interested in adding a water feature to your landscape, but don't want a koi pond, a pondless waterfall is a lovely alternative.

Maybe you have a small space or don't want the upkeep of a pond. Perhaps you simply prefer a waterfall. Whatever the reason, it's an excellent option. The sound is soothing and it will make a wonderful focal point for your outdoor space.

Pondless waterfalls can be large, small, and in between. They can be tall or short. You can add a dry creek bed, landscaping, or some lighting.  If you're interested in other small space options, see our landscape fountains for some inspiration.


A pondless is a relatively simple idea, but takes expertise and experience to execute properly. Hiring a professional pond builder and design specialist is important. We have had to fix dozens of water features built by the inexperienced. Hire us to get it right the first time.

Contact us at (940) 799-3700, email, or book a consultation through our website to set up an appointment when you're ready.

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