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It's a simple fact in a pond owner's life that your water feature will need repairs from time to time.

You may notice a low water level which typically indicates a leak. Your waterfall suddenly stops working - possibly your pump is out. Maybe your water is a little (or a lot) green. That just might be an algae issue.

Whatever the problem, we're prepared to get your water feature up and running again with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

When you're in need of pond repairs, give us a call. We'll come out and diagnose the problem. In most cases repairs can be done the same day.

The most common trouble our clients have are leaks in the waterfall or pond itself, followed closely by equipment trouble, with water clarity bringing up the rear. In some cases a flawed design can be the culprit.

​Please call (940) 799-3700, or email us to schedule a service call.


Finding a leak around your pond or waterfall is an especially daunting task. Leaks can be anything from a low edge of your liner to a leaking waterfall and everything in between. So where do you begin? By calling us, of course.

We have an uncanny knack for finding leaks. Some are easy fixes, others are difficult, but we always get it done. As pond repair experts, you can feel confident that we will handle any and all leaks with efficiency and professionalism.

Contact us at (940) 799-3700 if you think you've got a leak and we'll get you up and running as good as new.

Water Clarity Issues

We often receive phone calls with concerns regarding water clarity. There are two common causes.

  1. If your water is tinted a tea looking color, this is caused by tannins. Tannins in your pond are most often caused by leaves that have fallen into the water and then decayed.

  2. If your pond seems to be green, you may have an algae problem. This can easily be solved by having us take a look at your pond and then treating it with natural additives or adding a UV light. We've seen many ponds do a complete turn-around after adding a UV fixture.

Give us a call at (940) 799-3700 if you are concerned with any water clarity issues and we'll be happy to make a service call to assess the problem and offer you the appropriate solution for your water feature.


Sometimes equipment stops working.  Lights fade or go out, pumps stop pumping water, and skimmers stop skimming.

At J D Naturescapes we'll repair your equipment if possible. If not, we'll order exactly what you need for your pond to thrive. 


Remember that during your annual clean out or maintenance services we will inspect your equipment and discuss with you any future problems we forsee.

Contact us at (940) 799-3700 if you have equipment trouble and we'll get you fixed up.

Waterfall and Fountain Repairs

Ponds aren't the only water feature that need repairs from time to time. Pondless waterfalls and landscape fountains need servicing too. We'll determine the problem and fix it.

Some repairs are easy while others are more complicated. A waterfall may have been designed poorly, for example, and will need to be rebuilt. Fountains are usually easier to fix and it's often a simple one - a new pump or a cleaning usually solves the problem.

You may want to consider a maintenance plan. We let you know of potential problems before they happen which will save you money.

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